All Inclusive – Basic

SIX hours per month of combined website maintenance, enhancements and a secondary copy of your website. These services will keep your website performing well and ensure maximum lifespan.

Suitable for any websites which require regular maintenance, search engine optimisation and daily website backup copies to a secondary web location. We always liaise with our clients to determine the exact requirements and the priority order before we carry out any work. This is a great package to make sure your website performs as well as it can do and to improve your website in all areas on an ongoing basis.

Package includes

Website Maintenance

  • Security and software patching and updates
  • Monitoring and improving website overall speed
  • Monitoring and improving individual page loading times
  • Checking logs for internal error messages

Website enhancements

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase traffic and business visibility
  • Smaller design tweaks to banners, adverts or any other graphical elements to maintains the interest of existing customers
  • Styling tweaks to the website to keep it looking fresh and the design up-to-date
  • Help with social media postings to give your customers relevant, interesting and shareable content and to attract new customers

Website backups

  • Automated copying from a live site to a backup copy site once per day (during the night)
  • A full working secondary copy of your website hosted in a different location
  • Provides a URL so that the backup copy can be checked easily 24/7
  • Backup copy protected by simple username/password
  • Includes TWO hours per month detailed check by Freeway staff

£405 + VAT p/m




Your website is an investment and our all inclusive packages ensure customers receive a secure and enjoyable user experience that makes them want to return to your website time and again.