SEO and website Performance

We build all our websites to be Search Engine (SEO) friendly, with valid HTML and CSS, and to be accessible in accordance with guidelines set out in W3C’s Website Accessibility Initiative.

Search engine Optimisation (SEO) is a continuous process and the key to driving traffic to your site. As part of our service, we offer monthly SEO improvement packages to make sure that your website will perform well in Search Engines as well as making sure the website loading time is optimal.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your website for search engines is an important aspect of web development. There are many do’s and dont’s and knowing how you can improve your listing can be very important. We can also provide excellent web based report pages where you can log in and check how Google is tracking your website and the number of hits your website has received.

There are many rules and tips regarding optimisation – if you want to learn more please get in touch us and we can carry out a quick analysis of your site free of charge.

Website Performance Optimisation

We can run a test on your website to see how well it performs on the web. It will analyse the loading speed of your website and highlight any issues in regards to file size, css or script issues that might cause your website to load slowly.

Customer Experience Improvements

In other words the usability of your website. We will analyse the customer experience and suggest how to create a more engaging experience for the users so that they spend a longer period of time per visit.