UK Safety Internet Centre public report
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Public report for UK Safety Internet Centre

Freeway Projects was commissioned by the UK Safety Internet Centre, who’s mission is promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people, to design their public report.

The report was to be produced as a printed and online resource and can be downloaded here.

What we did

The report was designed following the UKSIC brand guidlines and includes an A4 page of infographics, illustrating key achievements during the two year period.


Uk Safety Internet Centre public report

The public report was designed for both print and digital usage.

As part of this document, an A4 page of infographics (shown below) was designed to illustrate and highlight the summary of the report findings.

Infographics designed for UK Safety Internet Centre public report
Infographics designed for the Uk Safety Internet Centre public report
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“Anna works with accuracy and professionalism and a lot of patience for the design requirements. She is a fantastic designer and communicates clearly and quickly to move the process along.”

Louiza Jeffcoat

Programme Manager, South West Grid for Learning

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Infographics designed for UK
Infographics designed for UK

A series of social media tiles were designed for Twitter and Facebook based on the infographics.