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The Shark Trust is dedicated to promoting the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays in the UK and internationally. They also operate scientific research and education programmes, and work with divers, politicians, boat owners, and commercial and recreational fishers as well as the general public.

One of the areas the Shark Trust is supporting is sustainable fisheries –  an issue facing sharks, skates and ray populations around the world as they are caught in target fisheries and as bycatch in mixed fisheries. To launch this campaign, the Shark Trust asked us to design a series of marketing materials used to promote the cause.


What we did

Freeway Projects helped design an emblem to be used when creating awareness of this specific cause. As part of the of sustainable fisheries programme, we also designed a small brochure and a series of roller banners to be used to promote the issue.


Shark Trust Roller banners


The Shark Trust leaflet


We are really pleased, Anna gets our brand and is really easy to work with.

Paul Cox, Managing Director of the Shark Trust


Other design work we have done for the Shark Trust

Exhibition Display Design – We have also designed large scale display graphics for the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth and for Tropicarium in Sweden. You can view this work here…

eCommerce website – Freeway designed a small eCommerce site for the Shark Trust. You can read more about this here…

And you can find out more about the Shark Trust here…



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Promotional material

We helped design an emblem for supporting sustainable shark and ray fishing, a brochure and a series of roller banners, to promote this cause.

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