National Marine Aquarium “Ocean Lab Exhibition”


The National Marine Aquarium was revamping the bottom floor and we were commissioned to design the displays for the new Ocean Lab exhibition. This exhibit explore how marine scientists use science, research and technology to help us understand the workings of the Atlantic Ocean. The exhibit uses interactive elements such as sound such as video and sound, and also features a 3D model of a “Continuous Plankton Recorder” (CPR), which is used to record plankton data.

Exhibition Display Graphics

The brief was to create a fun display and make the subjects interesting and easy to read for the younger audience.

As there were a lot of factual information to be covered, we decided to use irregular shapes for the seven display boards, bright colours and to incorporate a series of fun illustrations in the style of a scientist’s “scribbles”, to create a feeling of “research in progress”.

The display features interactive elements such as embedded video showing underwater footage of ROV’s in action and audio phone handsets, where the visitors can listen to some of the different sounds of the Oceans, such as the clicking sounds dolphins use to communicate with each other.

We also designed a large ocean wall art backdrop for this exhibition with illustrations featuring sea creatures of the Atlantic Ocean and technology used in research.

Illustration wall art for National Marine Aquarium

Other graphic design elements included large window stickers usuing lab inspired shapes explaining what goes on in the laboratory at the aquarium, a map of the laboratory areas and logo identity for the Ocean Lab exhibition and the Observatory area.



We are really pleased with the result and hope our visitors will enjoy this new colourful and interactive exhibition!


Paul Cox

Director of Conservation and Communication, National Marine Aquarium

National Marine Aquarium exhibition graphics
One of the display panels



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Exhibition Display Graphics

We were commissioned to design the displays for the Ocean Lab exhibition. This included 7 large wall panels, illustrative wall art, logo identity, graphics for the laboratory windows and a map of the lab area.

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