We love working with Magento because it has some fantastic benefits and powerful features which makes it one of the best eCommerce solutions on the market today.

It is specifically built for eCommerce and comes preloaded with many features and specifications needed to set up a functional eCommerce website. This is what makes it one of the best eCommerce platforms available to date.

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Our experience

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge as we have been working with the Magento platform for over a decade. We have worked with many different ecommerce systems in the past, and in our opinion, Magento is one of the best!

Our team offers a world of knowledge in development, theming, modifying, hosting and maintaining Magento ecommerce websites.

Listed below are the main benefits of Magento…

Powerful and Scalable

Having worked with Magento for many years now we have listed below what we feel are the main benefits to business owners on this platform:

  • It is flexible and secure as well as feature rich.
  • And unlike many other ecommerce platforms, it does not limit the number of products and product lines. This means that can expand and grow your business without any additional expense. The system is very powerful and can handle up to 80,000 orders per hour.

Affordable with full ownership

  • It is free to download and install. There is no licence cost involved – you will have full ownership of your site. This means you can build on it when you want to, change hosting provider if you wish, and add on pretty much any extension available – and there are many!

Intelligent user experience

  • Magento has extensive dynamic search features that filter products according to a multitude of parameters. It also has built in cross sell and up sell features.

Extension library and community support

Magento Connect, the extension library, provides many pre-built solutions – to further extend the available features to match any specific needs for your business. Being open source, it also has a strong community support, where most common issues are discussed and resolved quickly.

Easy to integrate with third party systems

In addition to linking to payment gateways and shipping carriers, Magento allows us to build or integrate other solutions. With an extensive API, it allows you to connect to external apps or plugins such as eBay, Paypal, MailChimp, Google Shopping, QuickBooks and much more. Unlike many other ecommerce platforms you won’t be in the hands of the service provider. The secure and flexible web service features which come with it are definitely an added advantage when comparing other ecommerce solutions.

Multiple stores and multiple language features

You can run multiple websites with one common backend – this means that all data can be accessed by the same administration panel. It also supports multiple currencies and tax rates as well as customisation of your site in multiple languages.


Standard supported features includes:



  • Secure password protected administration area from which to manage your products, customer data and settings.
  • The ability to add, edit and remove products, categories and sub-categories instantly and at will.
  • Product sorting, copying and moving between all categories and sub-categories within your store.
  • Unlimited number of images per product, including auto-resizing of images to create thumbnails and pop-up/zoomed images.
  • A detailed source of information on all your customers such as location, email address and other contact details.
  • Cross selling functionality such as “Customers who bought “X” also bought…”, related products and matching items.
  • Data export options enabling you to save all your customer and order records to CSV (Microsoft Excel) files which can in turn be imported into most accounting software packages.
  • Full history of all orders placed by your customers.
  • Option to print invoices, archive old orders and send order updates to your customers automatically by email.
  • Banner management.
  • Stock management including email alerts based on stock levels


  • Management of discount vouchers and coupons enabling you to define the voucher code, whether the discount is a percentage or whole figure, the “valid from” and “valid” to date, how many uses per customers and even which customers can use it.
  • Discount product bundles
  • Best sellers categories
  • Special offers categories
  • Support for downloadable/virtual products
  • Full control over product attributes, for example size and colour choices


  • Secure customer accounts from which your users can view their previous orders, update their delivery information and manage other aspects of their saved preferences.
  • Full search and browse functionality for your customers including simple and advanced options.
  • Email products to a friend
  • Customer wish lists enabling registered users to save their favourite items for purchase later on.
  • Customer product reviews
  • Multiple checkout options for your customers such as creating an account and “Fast checkout” without creating an account.


  •  Support for customised postage rates based on weight, staggered prices, flat fees and unique for locations around the world.


  • Support for 85 payment gateways, including the most popular such as: PayPal, Protx, Barclays, HSBC, Worldpay and SecureTrading.
  • Optional extra for SSL encryption to increase customer confidence. Ask a member of our team for more information.

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