Blimey – this was way harder than it should have been…
OK – I just want to be able to quickly encrypt/decrypt passwords – and to be able to encrypt the password using other people’s public GPG keys – should be easy!
First – make sure the keys have been imported OK. First problem – if you use the standard Seahorse key manager the keys may be imported – but they won’t show. Use the command line with gpg2 to import the keys – for example:
$ gpg2 –import username_gpg.asc
Import all the keys you want to encrypt/decrypt with. Ususally this is your own private/public key pair – and the public GPG keys of other users. Importantly, make sure you can see the keys in Seahorse.
The problem with Seahorse importing keys is logged at
Now install Geany and its GPG plugin – honestly – it’s the best way – gedit won’t work!
# apt-get install geany geany-plugin-pg
Geany is very lightweight – so it doesn’t feel like its bloating your system up.
Go to Tools – Plugin Manager and enable the GeanyPG plugin.
Then – use an editor to decrypt/encrypt. The options are under Tools – GeanyPG.