Apache ITK tuning

Advice RE Apache ITK

Initial checking shows that ITK (non-threaded) can be as efficient as a threaded Apache provided there is enough RAM.


Looking at:

http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php/Apache_tuning we see:


‘If you have the RAM available and start enough spare workers processes then the advantages of mpm_worker are limited’


Initial points:


  • With enough RAM and good configuration the performance of ITK should be OK

  • ITK is much safer in that it can handle any type of PHP extension.

  • Although ITK needs to start out as a root process this is only really an issue if using HTTPS.


Another useful point is at:




which says:


23. Don’t use threaded mpm with mod_php – look at using mod_itk, mod_php tends to segfault with threaded mpm.



Apache ITK could be run behind a proxy to possibly increase security.

Settings to tune


A useful looking resource is at:



This might be a starting list of settings to tune:


  • StartServers

  • MinSpareServers

  • MaxSpareServers

  • ServerLimit

  • MaxClients

  • MaxRequestsPerChild

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