Keyboard layout changes not working after installing lubuntu-desktop

I was having a problem getting my keyboard layout to permanently change after I’d installed lubunut-desktop on top of the standard vagrant precice32 VM box. I needed to switch to UK English.

First off – ignore ibus – doesn’t seem to work properly.

And – I’d set the language preferences etc to UK – but the keyboard would not change. Making the change using Lxkeymap would work for the session – but the change would be lost after a reboot.

Solution in the end was to edit /etc/default/keyboard. This will then define your keyboard. I set the XKBLAYOUT to “gb” (and XKBVARIANT to “extd” which may/may not be needed).

I then ran (as root)

# dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

and accepted all the defaults. This does not seem to ask about the keyboard layout – so it probably gets it from the /etc/default/keyboard file – but the change is then made and sticks after a reboot.

Not sure what’s going on with this error – there are various bug reports – but probably not worth checking out further as this is for 12.04.

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