I don’t normally do this – but today – in a rush – I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del dring POST on a new HP mail server being set up. And when the server came back up on of the two RAID 1 drives had its amber light on showing drive failure – Doh!
I shut the server down – pulled the drive out and pushed it back in again – and powered back up. The drive is now showing the 1 second green flash to show that it is being rebuilt. Hopefully, the drive should be OK as the server is brand new and it was my forced reboot which caused the error.
As a side note – just how do you reset the NIC on a Debian server after a config change these says. It used to be an easy:
# /etc/init.d/networking restart
but that doesn’t seem to work any more. Maybe I should be using this new ‘ip’ command somehow?